Define Fashion with a Unique Couple Bracelet


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Define Fashion with a Unique Couple Bracelet

Your beautiful wrist will look more attractive with this set of couple bracelets, which can uniquely define fashion. If you are a teenager, a working professional or a would-be bride —- it adds symbolic meaning to each of your special moments with your beloved ones. So why to think twice before buying this special gift for your collection.

Background of the product

Whenever you go out for shopping, the very first thing you might consider is the name of the concerned brand that may define fashion for you. Have you ever deeply thought about this inherent psychology behind this choice? Probably not because the name of the concerned brand itself is the byword for your trust. Indeed, we as brand aspire for this precious trust of yours. Anyone can understand the value of trust and quality of service in this particular context. This unique couple bracelet is an effort in this vein. We have tried our best to design this product to suit your taste.

Story of our define fashion brand

As already there are some details in the “About Us” section of the website, we would like to share the idea behind Ta Marque. We see our future as a most loved brand in the USA, and not as the most sold brand. Our target is to offer a range of fashion accessories which are affordable as well as adorable. As you can already find the example from this unique set of couple bracelet that we are counting more on quality than quantity. Define fashion with a fusion of ideas is our business model, which believes that you always deserve the best.

Specifications of this product

1.     Descent design made of stainless steel and Cubic Zirconia.

2.     Adjustable length with an extender chain of 1.6” for women and 6.9” for men.

3.     Very cute and light to wear.

4.     Hypo-allergic and skin-friendly.

5.     Available in a set of two.

6.     Well-crafted and eye-catching couple bracelet.

7.     A piece of incredible artwork to define your style.

It is suitable for fashion definition

1.     A promised gift for your love anniversary.

2.     Impress your partner on your first date with this cute couple bracelet.

3.     Birthday match gift for your beloved.

4.     A perfect accessory for a party.

5.     To uniquely define fashion in your peer group.

6.     Get more attention from your mates for your elegance and fashion sense.

We are looking forward

Before you leave our website, yes we would like to hear from you and keep this communication alive in upcoming time as well. Just do one favor to us and leave your comments about this couple bracelet. Whether you find the product interesting enough or not? Your valuable comments and opinions can only see us through this long journey as a brand. Alternatively, you are also requested to subscribe to our newsletter section on the home page. It will be a lovely gesture from your side to keep our communication alive. Again we would like to conclude with a promise for a better fashion for you.

Couple bracelet customized

Couple bracelet customized

Couple bracelet leather

Couple bracelet leather

Couple bracelets leather

Couple bracelets leather

Couple bracelet personalized

Couple bracelet personalized

Couple bracelet engraved

Couple bracelet engraved


Define Fashion with a Unique Couple Bracelet

Define Fashion with a Unique Couple Bracelet

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