Made in America is perhaps the single most defining sentence which can truly uphold the value of the great American Dream. From movies (Made in America 1993) to festivals (Made in America 2013), somehow we all share this dream. So perhaps it will be unjustified to narrowly equate this made in USA slogan to the last United States Presidential Election result (oops I don’t intend to be political by any measure). We all like to live like a true American and prioritize the USA in every aspect of our daily life.

However, the idea is much complicated than initially, it appears to be! Certainly, living up to the standards of an American will require us to adopt and promote the goods or services those are 100 percent made in America. In this global age of assembly line production, 100 percent made in America is often very had to get. To make your job a bit easier, here we are enlisting a number of such brands which you can trust for being made in America.

Jewelries and accessories

Anna Bario and Page Neal launched this jewellery brand during 2008. The company works in Jewel Row of Philadelphia along with the local craftsmen community. The application of the old specialized techniques are well preserved in their products. Seems like a re-emergence of the made in America brands.

The outfitter of the spirited American as they claim. In addition to the headwear, Boswell has an exclusive selection of vintage work-wear like Ajaie Alaie, Baserange, Caron Callahan, and Vivien Ramsey. Each of their design tells a story ___ that is their product’s theme. Also each of the hats is completely handmade. Another look of made in America.

  • The Lodge

The company was established during 1840 by Billy Moore in Springtown, Pennsylvania. The brand is all about men’s grooming products which they proudly showcase as made in America. Their products are rugged and durable which match the machismo flavour of the West. The art of American manhood can never find a better expression than this.

The company is run by Cate Havstad in Central Oregon. The classic western hat style of late 1800 is the fundamental theme. The hats are completely handmade with high-quality ship hide sweatband. The history and tradition of hat making have been revived in their art in a new made in America fashion.

The only remaining metal eyewear manufacturer in the United States indeed. The company was started by Jan Waszkiewicz and Stanley Zaleski in 1973. During 1978, the company invented the iconic HGU-4/P Aviator glass for the fighter pilots. While all other eyewear manufacturers have opted to relocate their facilities overseas, the Randolph has stayed back in their home. Proud story of a true made in America brand above all.

Made in America Headwear

John B. Stetson launched this company During 1865 with a spirit of the American West. Over the years it has truly reflected upon the journey of the USA as a very rich and diverse culture. Their headwear has grown very deep roots into the American culture and tradition, and become the standard equipment for rugged cowboys, for instance. So, a real gem of our made in America history for sure.

The company started its journey during 1903 by George Kromer with handmade six-panel baseball caps. It symbolized the spirit of hardworking American working class. Over the years, the brand has adopted several modern fashion essentials, but still continue to display the same spirit till this day. They are made in America and made for America.

Walz Caps is a globally reputed cycling cap designer. The custom colors, fabrics and embroidery has given their products a perfect fit and 1000-wash durability. Another new edition of made in America.

Probably, this is the oldest recorded hat makers company in the United States. Today they are the manufacturer of the top headwear brands not just in the USA, but all over the world with a sizable contribution in export trade. The comfort and style of their products are still unmatched. A proud flag bearer of made in America.

The beauty, quality, and craftsmanship of mid-Century American athletic garments is recreated and re-explored in 21st Century’s ball-caps. It is exactly what defines Ebbets Field Flannels. A thematic focus on non-major baseball league history of the US like the Negro League and the pre-1958 Pacific Coast League has given its products a very unique appearance. Another bright heritage of made in America in conclusion.

Made in America Jeans

While started as a merchant of jeans and tees, this Los Angeles based venture has successfully transformed itself into a full-scale manufacturer of high-quality products. They have employed the old manufacturing techniques along with modern inputs, and their products are made from American cotton. The simple architectural approach has made their products simple yet very stylish which can easily see through several seasons. Thus a genuine made in America brand.

This company was started as an online campaign during 2014 by the husband-wife Matt and Carrie Eddmenson from Kentucky. A very simple underlying business idea was to sew and sell good quality jeans for both men and women. Since then it has seen its business growth across the world. An en-kindled American spirit through several highs and lows. You truly deserve a made in America salute.

The company was founded in 2002 by Lawson Nickol in order to support the USA families, and their jobs by producing high-quality clothing at affordable price. Accordingly, the company has gained the reputation it deserves by offering quality USA made jeans. Its products are especially relevant for their comfortable fit, durability, and ease of movements. So finally such a beautiful made in America
jeans band.

Combination of superior quality and design with high-quality fabrics has made Bullet Blues. Certainly, it is one of the best place to buy designer jeans and apparels. Its custom made designs and LLC displays the highest level of American craftsmanship. It has a versatile range of women clothing which is especially relevant for American women. So they bagged the made in America title.

Made in America Denims

We must give Raleigh Denim some extra cheese. Why? Coz, it’s not just an endeavour but it’s a romance! A pure romance with great American values. You pull out old closed down factory machines. You have a series of conversation with the factory workers who used to operate those machines. Finally, you learn how to operate those old design machines with a never-ending spirit of entrepreneurship and get Raleigh Denim. This has been the exact story when Sarah Yarborough and Victor Lytvinenko started this company. In fact, they have taken their creativity to the next level with their exclusive product features. Very well done and keep it up. The future of made in America for example.

This brand is all about American design and American fashion. Kansas is the birthplace of Baldwin Denim at the hands of Matt and Emily Baldwin. Its designs and innovations offer another perspective of the USA. They are classic but yet very dynamic in nature. Their collective efforts have made this brand an exclusive jewel of made in America.

The brand appeared in the scene during 2002 in LA. While quite popular for its innovative T stitch denim, it has coughed the attention from many of the international iconic stylists. Certainly, boldness and class are the two defining elements of their products. Another destination for you if you are a made in America person.

Made in America Male Clothing

This renowned made in America apparel brand has a very rich heritage since 1930. Today they are one of those few remaining shirt brands with almost 100 percent USA based production. Their hallmark is very simple, i.e., quality and comfort. Overall these decades, they have been able to maintain their reputation as a boutique shirt maker in this age of mass scale manufacturing. So they proudly inherit the made in America spirit.

This Rochester based suit designer company was found in 1899 and thus has a history of 130 years. Till today its production facilities are located in the same place where it initially started its long journey. Currently, it is under the ownership of the Authentic Brand Group. Once a magnet in the men’s clothing business, the company has lost several of its fortunes, but nevertheless retained its prestige as a distinguished brand. They are also another made in America pride.

Its official page claims that “Schott’s heritage is a true-blue, real-deal piece of America.” The iconic motorcycle jacket manufacturer has effectively infused its style into the American way of living over the last 100 years. It is still run by the third and fourth generations of the Schott family. It continues to follow the hand-sewn production process by highly trained craftsmen in order to represent the American spirit seeped into heavy cowhide and chrome hardware. So all thumbs up for this made in America icon.

Made in America Women Designer Dress

After a stunning debut during 2006, this Los Angeles based women’s apparel manufacturer has already hit several heights of success with its unique the Jackie O Dress. It has been appreciated and loved by everyone from Hollywood celebs to working-class women because of its appealing features which make a woman feel like 2” taller and 5lbs thinner. With such an overwhelming success, the Back Halo brand has truly embodied the idea of being an American. So a must made in America essential.

This NYC based designer boutique is owned by the passionate lady Nanette Lepore. Her tireless efforts have seen this venture turning into an empire. She is committed to the women who are both strong and sexy. The brand is well known for its bold color combinations and gorgeous prints. So it is the new symbol of made in America.

1979 is the weeding year of Lonnie and Karen, and they established their company in the same year. Easy, simple, and effortless style with a California vibe in it ___ was the concept. The concept succeeded beyond all expectations, and now they are one of the top manufacturers and designers in Los Angeles. They are also in the same line of made in America.

Launched during 2009 by Jimmy Sommers, Wildfox is an LA-based contemporary women’s line design which embodies the edgy yet effortless ethos of California. Its full range of designer tops, bottoms, sunglasses, dresses, intimates, and swimwears has caught the imagination of several celebs and influencers across the globe. It continues to manufacture its ready-to-wear sophisticated product with a core commitment for made in America.

Made in America Regular Textile Products

  • Left Field

Started back during 1998, this made in American clothing brand has redefined the concept of being vintage. It rather proved that there is no connection between the being old and being vintage. As the founder Christian McCann himself agrees that his prime goal is to design such clothing which would make his grandpa feel proud.

Probably, the only cloth manufacturer who has expertise in tailoring custom garments by hand. Their commitment towards this handcraft goes back to 1916 when the company was formed in Chicago. They are well-known for their handmade high-quality designer suits. Thus a price gem of made in America series.

Since 1913, the company has great expertise in manufacturing high quality, durable and weather resistant clothing which can endure the common hardworking standards of an average American farmhand. Subsequently, it has effectively adopted the modern fashionable elements into its designs. Made in America has still remained one of its core business values.

It is an NYC based American fashion brand founded during 2002 by Todd Shelton. They have a stated policy of supporting the cause of manufacturing in the USA, and promoting local innovations. Hyper-Consistent product quality and fitting is their USP, and they have quite well with this made in America symbolism.

Located in Pendleton, Oregon, this American textile manufacturing company is reputed for high-quality blankets and woolen clothing. It has a rich history of 156 years, and still enjoying its golden run. Production of Native-American blankets has been their specialty. Periodically, they have introduced new designs, colors, and pattern in their products. Hence, a made in America and made for America brand.

Made in America Green Apparel

  • Loggerhead

The passion and pride for their state of South Carolina and its people and wildlife led to the foundation of Loggerhead apparel. It business motto is to sale American grown and American made products at a fair price. In addition to that, they are committed to donating 10 percent of their net revenue income for local cause including the wildlife conservation. A similar made in America as much as several others.

It is one of the new generation shirt manufacturers in the USA with a core commitment for minimizing the environmental impacts of its production. They use recycled and regenerated fibers wherever possible in order to lower water usages and chemicals. Their association with ground level awareness and restoration campaigns is also significant. So go ahead with this made in America badge.

The brand has an unique slogan of “Keep the North Cold”. It represents its commitment towards mitigating the impacts of the climate change. The Minneapolis, Minnesota based company’s official promise is to compensate the 100 percent of its climate cost by leading edge climate-solutions. At the same time, it draws on the traditions of the north, viz., creativity, adventure, and embrace of the winter. So it too goes as a pure made in America.

In 2008, the husband-wife duo Mike Kuhle and Adele Berne started this company in Brooklyn. They have more than 20 years of experience in manufacturing of all kinds of textile products. Their collection is primarily drawn from the classic European and American line of fashion.


Since 1900, Osage (Iowa) based Fox River mill is a leading manufacturers of outdoor sport socks. Their products are highly reputed for unique fit and comfort. In 2011, they introduced their Ultimate Response Fit System designed socks especially for the US marketplace. A very minute understanding of the made in America aspirations as can be seen.

  • Sport Porta

Kim Highfield, the founder of Sport Porta, started this venture during 2015 to design a sports bra with a cell phone pocket. It has expertise in compression apparel designs to suits the needs of the athletes. All their production facilities and R&D is concentrated in the USA which truly represent their made in America spirit.

Cody and Sage Disch are the founders of this company. It is specialized in manufacturing three-dimensional unique jacquard socks. These socks are made of the finest raw materials which are dyed into rich saturated hues. Meanwhile, they have brought a new sense in the world of made in America traditional men’s wear.

This New Jersey-based luxury trench coat manufacturer was established during the financial crisis of 2008. Their supply chain consists of the plain cotton fabric lining from North Carolina, wool warmer from Connecticut, and socks knit in Pennsylvania. Besides the domestic market, now they have a growing number of international buyers as well. So it goes as a pure made in America.

Since its formation in 1977, Hanky Panky has been a famous lingerie brand. They are basically concentrated in the north-western part of the USA with homegrown cotton materials. Their signature lace style has made them one of the key players of this industry. So hats off for this made in America ambassador.

Beauty and personal care brands

Anastasia Soare launched this brand in 1997 with a Beverly Hills flagship salon. It was the first brand to introduce bro shaping for example. It’s patent Golden Ratio Eyebrow shaping method soon took its fortune to the next level. Its digital innovations and several other beauty products have gained it an industry-wide recognition. So thank you for glorifying the made in America brand name.

Nancy Bagart started this company during 2000 as a family run enterprise. Production of safe and herbal products for American families has remained the chief business aspect of the company. It has shown remarkable ingenuity and research in this field. So keep growing dear made in America.

This LA-based company manufactures and develops a full range of skin care and cosmetic products since the last 85 years. Its founder Merle Nethercutt Norman was one of the pioneering women entrepreneurs in the field of cosmetics. Since its formation, it has helped numerous women entrepreneurs to achieve their goals as well. So hats off for this made in America story.

  • Portland General Store

Troy Tyler and Lisa Broader are the founders of this company which is specialized in handmade manufacturing natural unisex beauty products. They are well certified by the Leaping Bunny. So let’s toast for this made in America initiative.

Healthcare Accessories

Credited with the invention of cleansing devices, Clarisonic is the embodiment of more than a decades of research and development on skin care which started in 2001 by Dr. Robb. Since its launch, its unique products have been sold by more than 15 million and is still counting. It completely transformed the beauty care industry. A unique made in America product.

This company was founded during 1948 by the German soap maker Dr. Bronner. It started with its famous liquid Peppermint soap and health food seasoning. Dr. Bronner’s soap brand was truly iconic during the 1960s’. The company is still maintaining its commitment toward socially and environmentally responsible products of high quality. A line of made in America products.

Tom and Kate Chappell launched the company during 1970. They introduced the first natural toothpaste in the USA market in 1975. In 2006, they officially became a part of the Colgate-Palmolive Company. The company is deeply engaged in charity work and donates 10 percent of its revenue to the NGO bodies. So a big round of claps for this made in America brand.

This brand is owned by California based Gordon Brush Manufacturing Co. Inc. It is one of the leading manufacturers of custom and standard brushes for industrial, commercial, and consumer applications. The company has received words of appreciation by the US Army for its especially manufactured ‘Chamber brush’ which is used to clean the Abrams Tanks. So gun salute for this proud made in America product.

Made in America Shoes

Founded during 1884 by Charles H. Alden, the company’s grew after riding the then-upcoming leading innovation in mechanized shoe stitching and lasting. Its brand name is associated with high-quality dress shoes and excellent specialties like orthopaedic and medical footwear. Today it is the only surviving original New England shoe and boot maker company from the hundred years’ history. A made in America role model of its own type.

The company was founded during 1863 by John A. Frye in Marlboro, Massachusetts. Certainly, it is claimed to be the oldest continuously operating shoe manufacturer in the USA. It has to its credit the famous Harness Boot introduced during the 1960s. A legendary made in America icon by its own capacity.

Wooden benches, needle, thread, and few basic tools ___ these are the main elements of a Quoddy workshop. Here, they are making shoes for generations in this same environment. Comfort is the end objective of their products, and they can easily last for a lifetime. So if anyone is super selective about their footwear, they may visit this made in America brand with maximum trust.

Olivier Marchal’s had a dream of giving back to the community which led him to establish Som. This is a California based company which offer quality casual shoes. The idea was drawn from the Tarahumara Indians of Copper Canyon who are incredible long-distance runner with their Tarahumara footwear. A product of the soil, the Som Footwear is definitely a 100 percent made in America pride.

Made in America Boots

The company has its origin during the year 1897 in San Antonio where it deployed the first in-seaming machine in the Southwest United States. Over the years, the company has built a close relationship with several American celebrities and political persons, and branded itself as a hallmark of the American lifestyle. A perfect made in America product indeed.

Charles Beckman founded this company during 1905 for designing leather work boots. Their process has remained largely unchanged where highly trained craftsmen carefully lay out the leather cuts, and sew them together with the same Puritan sewing machines. This reputation has truly made them a brand name of the made in America.

The CAPPS Shoe Company manufactures quality uniform footwear for the US Arm Force and civilians. They procured all their raw material solely from the USA domestic market and prioritize the comfort and convenience of US citizens. They have a team of highly skilled workforce with an average work experience of 12 years. Another masterpiece of made in America.

Terry Armstrong launched this made in America brand during 1976 in San Antonio, Texas. It is basically a family run company. They offer their shoes in a handcrafted form in 88 ladies’ size and 104 men’s size for providing a better fit. Meanwhile, the company is actively involved in social work as well.

It is quite well known as ‘America’s recovery shoe’. The Telic Footwear has bagged the “Readers Choice Award” for best comfort shoes. Their made in America product is based on an idea of a shoe which would function as a soft amazing shock absorber.

Women’s Footwear

While credited with the invention of nail-less and shank-less footwear, Allen Edmond is truly a trendsetter since its beginning in 1922 under Elbert W. Allen in Wisconsin. It is a specialized manufacturer of men’s premium footwear and accessories. The company has witnessed several phases of transformations, but still proudly and firmly stands on its core values. Another great example of the made in America.

Launched during 2010 by Christina Prandini Sanchez, the brand is quite popular for its patent Lily Pad and MK-1 Foot Armor. Its custom made design is especially suitable for women’s comfort and relaxation with the unique removable cushion feature. So made in America again.

It is a premier women’s line footwear in the USA. Don Munro founded this company during 1972 in Arkansas for manufacturing an illustrative range of size and width footwear. He is still involved with the company which is now run by his children. They offer up to 75 different size and width combinations. Made in America where size definitely matters.

Made in America cookware

During 2004, the company was started for producing mass scale cookware production without any middleman. It has a pledge to support the US workforce against the growing competition from foreign farms. The made in America badge is proudly carried forward by the company.

The company is the largest manufacturer of kitchen cutlery. It was founded during 1949 in Olean, New York and its production line includes knives, shears, flatware, etc. This made in America brand has to its credit the ergonomically-designed hand perfect handles in its knives.

During 1873, Homer and Shakespeare Laughlin founded this company in East Liverpool, Ohio for manufacturing white ware pottery. Today they are one of the highly reputed producers of sustainable and eco-friendly dinnerware in the United States.

Producer of the world famous Bundt pan, the Nordic Ware is a true made in America brand. The company was started during 1946 by the husband-wife duo Dotty and Dave in Minneapolis, Minnesota. After so many decades, the company still continue to produce the Scandinavian ethnic cookware and several new additions from the same place.

Established during 1986, LioydPans Kitchenware is a made in America manufacturer of environment-friendly cookware and pizzaware. Additionally, they have a very active corporate social responsibility scheme as well.

The company was created by Joseph Lodge during 1910 in Pittsburgh, Tennessee. In 2002, they introduced the legendary Lodge Logic line of pre-seasoned cookware and thus ending the hassle of unseasoned products. Their products have caught the attention of both professional chefs and outdoorsmen. A made in America icon indeed.

Furniture and Accessories

DutchCrefters is a made in America brand store for solid wood, Amish furniture. In 2003, it was founded with the wood-shops and craftsmen in Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Indiana. Their products are especially recognized for their designs and generation-long durability.

The company was founded during 1982 by Galleri Suisse in Baltimore, Maryland. They are basically a picture frame manufacturer with a great reputation for their made in America business model.

Liberty Tabletop is owned by the Sherrill Manufacturing, and currently, it is the only flatware manufacturer in the United States. They produce high-quality ASTM standard flatware, well known for their lustre and stain resistance.

It is a natural pillow manufacturer from organic fabrics and threads. Their eco-friendly, hypo-allergenic, anti-bacterial and fire and dust resistant products have already created a niche in the market. These are available in four sizes and with three filling options.

Made in America Hardware

Farmplast is currently the leading industry standard milk crates in the USA. Their production facility is located in New Jersey and they have a complete in-house mechanism for manufacturing. their products following made in America standards.

In 1900, the company was formed under the J Henry Estes in Union City, Georgia. Therefore, it is one of the longest surviving made in America brands. Their most valuable products include tools and utilities for industries, aviation, and government.

FlipFold is a Coarsegold, California based showerhead manufacturer. They believe in making smart water and energy saving products.

The company was created during 1947 as a small metal workshop. Later it went on to become a super-functional ice chest manufacturer and currently is the world’s top cooler designer. Proudly they are another made in America product.

The Saint Stephen, South Carolina based company was founded during 2003 by bladesmith Quintin Middleton. Its knives are well reputed for its high carbon steel and custom made designs according to the specifications of the buyers. So the sharpness well preserved in made in America.

Behring Made created this company during 2011 in Montana with a passion for highly functional crafted knives. It is well recognized for its holistic knife designs. Behring is now a leading made in America brand for new mediums and multi-purpose knives. It is also deeply associated with the community works especially ecosystem conservation efforts.

During 2010, Al Contarino started this company to manufacture a new type of open lid grill. Today they are producing all type of pizza accessories. They also have an extensive export range of these made in America products.

Miscellaneous products

FairEnds was born during 2011 in California as a design series of custom made hats by Ben and Martin. Incorporating both the country and urban way of life, their hats can uphold the true American value. Interestingly, this made in America band is enjoying a worldwide expansion.

With a rich history of more than 132 years, the Hart Schaffner Marx has a firm footing in men clothing market in the USA. It continues to define and redefine the tradition of a well-dressed man. Truly, it can represent the American choice for grace and style. Furthermore, their story is all about an American story. So here goes the made in America again.

It is a Los Angeles based women’s clothing brand was founded during 1986 by Suzanne Lerner and her husband Michael Cohen. Their products are the combination modern essentials and philanthropic ideas. Well-designed multi-occasion pieces are their hallmark. They prepare these pieces with the highest quality domestic products. Furthermore, the made in America content is well endeavoured.

Unis made its debut during 2000 in NYC by designer Eunice Lee. Their simple, unforced and sophisticated clothing designs have earned them a loyal following not just in the USA but also from abroad. Unis worked with a network of small and medium manufacturing partners, and their commitment towards exceptional craftsmanship has definitely created a value-based business ecosystem. So would you like to check out this made in America?

Made in America


This article has tried to include as many made in America brands as possible. However, it is not an exhaustive list. The selection has been done based on the official disclaimer of the respective brands, and we don’t guarantee the authenticity of their claims. The article hasn’t been sponsored by any agency and doesn’t intend to cause any kind of conflict of interests. Readers’ discretion of conscience is expected before any business related decision.