“Nearest shopping mall to me” – this was exactly the most common answer we received last month. The exercise was part of an online survey to examine the buyer’s psychology. We targeted a total of 800 respondents from an age group of 15 – 45 years from both the genders. When asked about their first action while planning for shopping in a comparatively unknown location, 90 percent of them confirmed about a Google search for “near shopping mall to me”.

The answer explains a lot about how much the shopping malls survive on this floating customer base. If a person has recently changed his/her residential location then there is a greater possibility that they won’t go for online shopping. The reasons they have cited are quite interesting whatsoever. It varies from “I don’t know my new locality very well” to “I am not quite well adapted to my new house” etc. etc.

All these answers make a fact very clear that the main reason is somehow related to their fear of putting a wrong address detail while placing an online order. It may result in a non-delivery of their order and associated financial losses. So, as a brand, we have decided to offer some credible solution to these problems. Now our potential buyer shall not feel hesitant to place an order from their new residential address. We wish to remove the “nearest shopping mall to me” from their search history

Customers Safety and Protection

Advanced Google Address Suggestion

Our web features include a very professional and up to date Google address suggestion function. The time you place an order with Ta Marque, this function track your location and help you to furnish the accurate address details. Thus there is virtually a zero chance of order non-delivery due to wrong address details. Just enable the track location function of your smartphone or computer, and the rest of the job will be automatically taken care of by our web function. So please get read of searching “nearest shopping mall to me”.

Our PayPal Solution

In any case, if you have any kind of trust deficit with our business policy, then you can freely trust our payment method through PayPal. As you might be already aware that the PayPal dispute resolution mechanism is highly acknowledged to secure the interests of the consumers. We have placed our trust with PayPal, and you may place your trust in us. And to remind you again not to repeat ‘nearest shopping mall to me’.

USPS Order Tracking

We do our entire logistics via the USPS, and the order tracking codes are automatically generated within 48 hours after placing the order. Our customers can easily track their orders via USPS. Generally, the average time for order delivery is 7-8 business days (We have kept it as 10 – 15 days in our FAQ section for exceptional situations). So no more ‘nearest shopping mall to me’.

Our Impressive Offers

Competitive Pricing

We procure our products directly from the manufactures and hence can offer very competitive pricing. That’s why you can see that the special offers and up sales are very common on our website. It is because we are able to remove the associated costs of marketing and sales channels to a greater extent. So don’t hesitate to purchase from us and say bye to searching ‘nearest shopping mall to me’.

Quality of Our Products

We source our products from top rated trusted suppliers. These are the same products you will encounter in the top online shopping platforms, but often at much higher prices. Even our services too are available in those platforms, but due to their profit sharing mechanism; we are unable to offer such impressive prices. So why not to shop directly with us, and forget your ‘nearest shopping mall to me’ for the given time.

Post-shopping Queries and Services

Shop without any Registration

Yes, we are one of those few market places who are not dead hungry for your email ids. You can easily shop from our website without making any kind of registration. We won’t flood your inbox with offers and sales’ messages. So don’t worry, and enjoy our services without bothering about ‘nearest shopping mall to me’.

Customer-friendly Order Return Services

We have a very credible order return policy. We follow a no ‘question-asked’ return policy in order to make it a pleasant exercise for our customers. You won’t find this with any other popular platforms where you have to undergo quite a cumbersome process to return your order. Our agency bears all the associated costs of the order return procedure. Now at least you may try our service for once after your search for the ‘nearest shopping mall to me’ is over for this day.

Speedy Refund Process

We process a refund request on a preferential basis within 24 hours of receiving the request. We ensure a 100 percent refund of the purchase amount. The customers’ satisfaction comes first for us, and profit is of secondary importance of our business policy.


Concept of shopping has completely changed with the gradual growth of e-com over all these years. We too are well in this race. As a brand, we aspire to uphold the value of hustle free quality shopping. The title of the article is quite funny indeed, and we don’t intend to replace the ‘mall experience’ with online shopping experience (which is not practical at all). Rather, we would say that continue to look for the ‘nearest shopping mall to me’, but at least visit our store for once.